• Managing a learning community

      Brandable interface and email templates

      Multi-tiered administration rights

      Different user types

      Individual and bulk account creation

      Customisable security and privacy settings

      Content reporting

      Cyber-bully monitoring

      Profanity blocking

      Online tech support

      FAQs and tutorials

    • Delivering spectacular content

      Courseware authoring tools

      Numerous page templates

      Drag 'n drop functionality

      Image, audio and video uploader

      Rich text formatting tools

      Maths symbols and graphing features

      Embeddable scripts from third parties

      Video conferencing plugins

      Rules for unlocking content

      Advanced content search tools

      Invoicing & E-commerce integration (Paypal, Payfast), EFT

      Discounting and coupon features

      Bulk purchase options

    • Measuring through assessment

      Polls, quizzes, projects, discussions, tests, examinations, surveys and questionnaires

      Numerous question types (multipl choice, text, media, etc)

      Time based assignments

      Team based assignments

      Randomised question ordering

      Model answers and model answer explanations

      Automated marking

      Designated assignment outcomes

      Exportable responses

      Exportable marks

    • Brought to life through engagement

      Personalised profiles and dashboards

      Contacts and contact lists

      System and email notifications

      Group and 1-1 messaging functionality



      Events and calendars

      Behaviour tracking

      Progress tracking

      Performance tracking




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